My name is Alisa Gamblin and I am a person who believes in YOU!  One of my many many gifts is that I can see your potential, I can feel your desire, and I have unwavering faith YOU can do this.  YOU can become the person you dream of becoming.  You can add your light to the world and make it a better place. Our entire lives have brought us to this moment to have our path cross.  I am here, you are here, lets begin this journey getting to know one another.

I lived a pretty normal life, driven by a desire to prove as a female I was as worthy as a male. Having grown up on a farm with five girls and one boy, the message seemed to be boys were better, smarter, paid more….you get the story. The desire, the belief, that I was less than drove my decisions. I stepped into a male orientated world and proved
(to myself mostly) I could succeed. I created what I thought life was all about…A successful business, a loving relationship and a stable life. I should be happy right…..from the outside I had it all.

In 1999 my life began to change radically.  Years of stored emotion bubbled to the surface. I could no longer play the game of normal.  Of being happy and satisfied in my current life.  The changes I under went saw me leave my business, my relationship, my home and my friends and set me on the path of discovering…Who I really am and what really makes me happy.  And you the reader, should you choose to join me, get to share in what I have learned.  I will take you on a journey of your own to discover what makes you truly happy, what keeps you from being that person, living that life and how to arrive on the path of your choice.

With 15 plus years of experience, I have read, studied and worked with many great teachers.  I practice Hypnotherapy, The Journey, PYSCH-K, Nlp, Reiki, Eft, Meditation, and more.

My mission is to inspire you to become the greatest version of YOU! To create a life you love! Creating a belief system that supports you living the life you have dream of. YOU can do this!  I believe in You.

What do I know about you….You have arrived on this page because you want change… You have a calling within you that wants to be expressed.  I WANT YOU TO ANSWER THAT CALLING!

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