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Peace, Passion and Purpose

Do you feel exhausted at the end of your work day?

Not sleeping well?

Having a hard time motivating your self to get out of bed in the morning?

Feel like you are the main character in the movie ‘GroundHog Day’… your life is on repeat?

Does fear stop you from doing things you would like to do?

Do you stay home and watch TV because you are afraid to go out and meet new people?

Do you feel Alone?

Do you lack passion and play in your life?

Everything in life creates a vibration.  Every thought, every action, every emotion, every word creates a vibration…

Like tuning forks, vibrations tune to the same frequency when played together.

By raising your vibration you change your experience and those things that vibrate in your field.

Are you wondering where you went wrong to be living the life you now live?

Do you feel like you do not matter?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Do you get sick often?

Do your emotions overwhelm you?

I was very skeptical about hypnosis. I had tried many other things to help me with my chronic pain. A friend recommended Alisa to me so I finally booked an appointment. After the first session I was amazed at how relaxed I felt and how I was able to easily stand and move around after the session. I have just completed my third session and feel amazing. I can get in and out of my car, I can go for walks…. My life is so much better.

Donna M

Transform into a healing, healthy, higher vibration.

The magic lies within you and I bring it out, raising your vibration
so you naturally change your inner playing field.


a high vibrational transformational experience.

Alisa I am writing to tell you I just got married. Only a year and a half ago I never thought I would ever find someone. Working with you made all the difference.

Adam L.

Using my own blend of Hypnotherapy, NLP, PYSCH-K, The Journey, Sound and Energy Healing and Dance, I created VIBRATIONAL ALCHEMY …a high vibrational transformational experience. The magic lies within and I bring it out, raising your vibration so you naturally change on the inner playing field, tuning into a new vibration.

Do you always attract the wrong people?

Does your life suck – you only have bad luck?

Do bad things always seem to happen to you?

Are you your own worst enemy?

Fears, Phobias, Low Self Esteem, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Emotional Breakdowns, Health Issues, Inner Critic, Menopause, Sexual Anxiety, Childhood Trauma… Transform into a healing, healthy higher vibration.

Imagine the possibilities of stepping into a soul expanding experience that will awaken your spirit to new levels of BEING…

Through Vibrational Alchemy you can free your self emotionally, mentally and spiritually to achieve a higher vibrational life filled with Light and Love.

For more information on Vibrational Alchemy see my blog post

“I lived in a deep dark place, where depression was always my companion, a friend told me she had gone for hypnotherapy and how much it helped her. I thought I have nothing to lose, so I booked an appointment. After working with Alisa over the last 6 months I can hardly remember how my life was before seeing her. It is so different now. I get up eager to greet the day. I even laugh sometimes.”

Heather K

Is Vibrational Alchemy for you?

Contact Me to set up your 30 minute FREE consultation

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I offer a one time 30 minutes consultation for free, most of my clients use this offer to add to their first session and make it an hour and half.

Vibrational Alchemy

Sessions can be done over the phone, on Skype or Zoom or in person

I offer a one time 30 minutes consultation for free, most of my clients use this offer to add to their first session and make it an hour and half.


Sessions can be done over the phone, on Skype, on Zoom or in person – 1 hour session 

Reiki – 1 -1 1/2 hour Session 


Sound Healing – 1 Hour


Consulting Your Oracle 

Similar to a psychic reading. I guide through a process of creating a picture that will become your oracle… the picture becomes my guide from which I draw the information for your reading. I will then teach you how to use the oracle you have created for guidance in your own life.

Monday Meditations

Held every Monday from 7-9 PM. Cost is $10.00/person/night. Contact me for further information.

Drumming Circle

Click here to see when and where the next one is.

2 hours of pure joy!

10 Health Reasons to Start Drumming

Drumming can have positive effects on your health and may help with many conditions from stress, fatigue, and anxiety, to hypertension, asthma, chronic pain, arthritis, mental illness, addiction, and even cancer.

Here’s why drumming is good for you:

  1. Makes you happy.Participate in a drum circle or take a cardio drumming class and you will see how happy it makes you. Drumming releases endorphins, enkephalins and Alpha waves in the brain, which are associated with general feelings of well-being and euphoria.
  2. Induces deep relaxation.In one study, blood samples from participants who participated in an hour-long drumming session revealed a reversal in stress hormones.
  3. Helps control chronic pain.Drumming can certainly serve as a distraction from pain. And, it promotes the production of endorphins and endogenous opiates, which are the body’s own morphine-like painkillers.
  4. Boosts your immune system.Studies show that drumming circles boost the immune system. Barry Bittman, MD, neurologist and President of the Yamaha Music & Wellness Institute, has shown that group drumming actually increases natural T-cells, which help the body combat cancer as well as other viruses, including AIDS.
  5. Creates a sense of connectedness.Drumming circles and group drumming classes provide an opportunity for “synchronicity” in that you connect with your own spirit at a deeper level while also connecting with other like-minded people.
  6. Aligns your body and mind with the natural world. The Greek origin of the word “rhythm” is “to flow.” Drumming allows you to flow with the rhythms of life by simply feeling the beat.
  7. Provides a way to access a higher power.Shamans often use drumming as a means to integrate mind, body and spirit. They focus on the whole body and then integrate the healing at both the physical and spiritual level by drumming, which connects spiritual forces.
  8. Releases negative feelings.The act of drumming can serve as a form of self-expression. You can literally drum out your feelings. When held, negative emotions can form energy blockages. The physical stimulation of hitting the drums can help remove those blockages. Drumming has even been used therapeutically to help addicts deal with their emotions.
  9. Puts you in the present moment.While drumming you are moving your awareness toward the flow of life. When you are flowing with the rhythm of life you cannot be caught up in your past or worrying about your future.
  10. Allows for personal transformation.Drumming stimulates creative expression. When you drum in a group, you not only get to self-express, but you get feedback from the other drummers.  It’s the equivalent of talk therapy! Drum circles provide a means of exploring your inner self, and expanding your consciousness while being part of a community.

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I also offer:


Small or large groups. Designed to fit your need….from team building, to building confidence, to creating connections, to shifting beliefs. Contact me to discuss your needs.

Alisa with hand up looking to right - cropped 2In 2000 I went through an initiation that transformed my life. I woke up to the trance I had been living and as I looked around me I saw everybody was living within that trance. I could see that we lived in a controlled matrix that limited our human experience. I knew on a soul level that having a human experience was to awaken and fulfill our souls growth while in physical form. Using my own blend of Hypnotherapy, NLP, PYSCH-K, The Journey, Sound and Energy Healing and Dance, I created VIBRATIONAL ALCHEMY… a high vibrational transformational experience. Changing the world as we connect with heart and soul… we are so much more that we have been told and our true power lies within connecting with the depths of our soul!

Alisa Gamblin

Certified Hypnotherapist

In Practice since 2004

….and creator of The Belief Connection

Fast, Effective High Vibrational Change

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