How to Manifest More Freedom, Health
Happiness, and Love with Vibrational Alchemy in just 21 Days

…Without this challenge, your lack of commitment could be
the ONE thing holding you back
from unlimited abundance, happiness and success.

It’s a big claim, but it’s true, you can manifest miracles in ALL areas of your life…. so you can experience more abundance, freedom, love — or any other kind of “success” you desire.

In fact, you can get results faster (and with less effort) than you’ve probably ever imagined.

Over a simple 21 days, I am going to take you through a challenge that if you commit to spending a few minutes a day to complete these easy and enjoyable exercises you will find every area of your life improves as though magical.

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Literally, minutes a day, for the next 21 days will fast track you to start manifesting anything your heart desires, and in ALL areas of your life.

(even if you’ve ‘failed’ a thousand times before)

Before we jump into what the 21 Day Challenge is, I have to debunk a myth about what it takes to be successful. It’s a myth that causes people to continuously sabotage their intentions and stops them from creating a life they love.

Here it is: a lot of self help books and movies say that the fastest way to manifest your desires is to simply “ask, believe, receive”… as if this suggestion alone will transform your life. But that is simply not true.

In fact…

Just “Asking, Believing and Receiving” at the Same Level of Vibration can be the Quickest way to Sabotage Your Powerful Intentions


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Yes – it is true, you need to believe in yourself and your ability to manifest as it is a critical first step and one I teach people all the time.

But most “experts” are stopping where it just begins. The truth is, belief, by itself, will only get you so far. And without the rest of the equation, you’ll find yourself on a roller coaster of unfortunate events — manifesting “some” good things, and then wondering why random nasty surprises are popping up everywhere else.

This is why you’ve found it challenging to make long lasting positive changes in your life — until now. But here comes the good news: it’s not your fault.
You’ve only been struggling because…

You’ve Been Working Against Your Natural Ability to Manifest

And you’re not alone.

Nearly all people I work with were in the same boat before working with me. Their lack of consistent results had shattered their belief in the law of attraction…

Not only were they trying to manifest without a proper framework… They were trying to do it with a fractured belief system — sabotaging themselves every step of the way!

This is a fatal mistake for your dreams. disappointment

But if that sounds like you, don’t beat yourself up.

For most of my life I jumped between inspired belief and then hopeless doubt in my ability to manifest…

Thankfully my life started to shift radically once I found a way to easily raise my Vibration and Change My Experience.

Rather than allow myself to be paralyzed by overwhelm, I decided to take consistent action and increase my Vibration Every Day…


Revealed: The Single
Biggest Problem Holding
You Back from Manifesting Your Desires

It’s no exaggeration to say that the #1 problem you face when trying to manifest your desires is matching the Vibration.
From my conversations with hundreds of people, I’ve found that most people don’t even know where to begin …

Even worse, the vast majorities are surrounded by naysayers — people who drain their energy and offer advice that STOPS the manifestation process.

This is exactly why you need raise your Vibration…

I’m talking about consistent daily practice to assist you in the manifesting process…

That’s where I come in … Someone who can empower you with guidance, clarity and loads of powerful tools to manifest your desires…
And specifically someone who can give you the spiritual toolbox you need to navigate the doubts, fears, worries and anxiety’s that undoubtedly come up along the way.

In short, you need someone willing to give you their entire manifesting framework.
The problem is — finding someone who can manifest on autopilot and is willing to show YOU the way is nearly impossible.
Which is why I’ve spent the past few months working on an exciting new project, designed specifically to give you the framework and guidance you need to begin to manifest your destiny.


And that’s why I’m so excited to announce…

Vibrational Alchemy 21 Day Challenge

Get ready to start manifesting your goals, dreams, wishes and desires, and feeling electrified as you begin living the life you’ve always dreamed of…

I’ve created a fun, inspiring and easy framework for you to follow and start manifesting like magic. 
And — crucially — it’s more effective than anything you’ve ever seen.
This is the easiest and most powerful way to manifest your desires — so you automatically begin to attract more success, abundance and happiness in every area of your life.

And you can expect to see progress increasing every day as you move through the 21 Days


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Alisa’s Story: This “Vibrational Alchemy” Transformed My Life… And Now It Can Do The Same For You


Here’s my own personal story of manifesting transformation…

Learning and practicing Vibrational Alchemy is what changed my life for the better.

Back in 2012, I moved to Victoria, I left an 8-year practice that had me living but not thriving. I was over $20,000 in debt, and I moved to an Island where I did not know many people or have a job or any source of income.

I was single and in debt… eager to create a new and beautiful life for myself.

And so, despite my circumstances, I decided to launch into a new life with “fearless belief” that The Universe had my back…
I spent the next three years studying what worked and what did not, I tried every manifesting trick I knew with inconsistent results. Until I discovered the secret…

…Simple easy ways to raise my Vibration so that my Point of Attraction changed. My energy skyrocketed, my days filled with happy positive thoughts, my actions became powerful and precise. And… because I quit trying to change the past or use it as a launch pad… I learned that simply by changing my vibration that my life transformed.


Buy it now for only $149.00


21 Days to a Better Life

  1. I have created this 21 Day Challenge for you to improve all areas of your life. The link to sign up for this 21 Day Challenge is available on this page.
This challenge is the greatest toolbox I could ever imagine giving a person that is ready and committed to creating a life they love… and it’s the ultimate key to my “manifesting success”… a literal treasure chest of…

Vibrational Alchemy 21 Day Challenge

  •         Inspiration
  • Guidance
  • Habits
  • Tools
  • The Vibrational Scale
  • Daily Exercises

… that will give you the framework you need to begin manifesting in all areas of your life. You’ll be amazed at how fast you start manifesting.

Even if you’ve struggled to get results with Manifesting before. 
Imagine having all the guidance you need to create a spiritual game plan for yourself and loving every minute of it…

As you continue your journey with me, your manifesting powers will only get better and stronger with each passing day.

And the best part is the first 21 Day Challenge is only $149.00!

Here’s What to Do Now

If you’d like to experience the power of VIBRATIONAL ALCHEMY for yourself, while it is still offered for this low price of $149.00. Just click the link below to buy it now!

You’ll receive Daily Emails the night before with the instructions for the next day for the next 21 days! You will also be invited to join a closed Facebook group to share in the experience with others.

I promise you, the Vibrational Alchemy Challenge will change your life in ways you cannot even imagine now, and in every area of your life.

It doesn’t matter if you want to drive a newer car, take a 5 star family vacation, lose a few excess pounds or find a way to get a pay raise – or even if you want to transform your life – Vibrational Alchemy is your key. Don’t you owe it to your self? Commit to 21 days to transform your life!

So give this a try today. Take charge of your own destiny and speed up the manifesting process with The Vibrational Alchemy 21 Day Challenge now.

Buy it now for only $149.00

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