Connecting to the Invisible Magic – Manifesting Your Dreams

Learn to align your energy and your beliefs

Are You….

still working at a job you dislike, single and alone, or in a relationship that is not great, broke or struggling to make ends meet and desperately wanting change?

Tired of trying so hard… wondering why you struggle so much? Why is your life so hard?  Why can’t money come easily? Wondering when you will find true love?

Do you wonder what is wrong with you?  Why can’t  life just come easy for you? Why do others seem to get it when you just cannot?  Are you tired of pretending that you life is great when inside you feel it is anything but?

I hear you and you don’t have to be in this situation!

I spent years studying The Law of Attraction. I read every book that I could get my hands on, I watched so many you tube videos, I attended so many workshops and conferences, I spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours and still I was not getting the results they promised. I did the writing, the defining, the getting clear and precise on what I wanted, I practiced gratitude, I acted like it had already manifest, I did everything that I was suppose to and still my results were far and few between. Then I discovered the one thing that I was missing. That’s when I realized it wasn’t my fault, it was a big lie, they were all missing this one important piece of the puzzle. Once I figured it out I saw rapid growth in my manifesting abilities. And it wasn’t just me others I shared this with saw results also.

Hi I am….

Alisa Gamblin, of The Belief Connection. I am the creator of

Connecting to the Invisible Magic, Manifest Your Dreams.

Having gone through my own painful and scary transformation where I redefined who I was, what I did for a living, and my relationships… I experienced what it can be like to jump into the deep end of change. I quickly realized that making rapid change with an unsupportive belief system was not a great idea. No wonder people are afraid of change!!! I felt alone, lost, misunderstood and filled with grief… and I became determined to discover an easier, gentler, and better way. I researched everything I could get my hands on to do with changing thoughts, beliefs, and patterns so that I could transform not only my own life to something better, but so I could help others transform theirs successfully without going through what I had. Over the course of my many changes, I studied the Law of Attraction extensively and I came to learn about energy and how our beliefs can put us into alignment with what we want, so that change comes easily.  Since 2004 I have been helping people transform their life. I have learned a great deal over the years through working with so many people.

This is how Connecting to the Invisible Magic, Manifest Your Dreams was born!

Introducing Connecting to the Invisible Magic – Manifesting Your Dreams Workshop

I have taken all of my learnings and developed a three hour workshop where you can learn simple tools and techniques that align you, your energy and your beliefs so that manifesting and transformation happen easily.

My goal was very simple: to create the easiest, most intuitive, most hassle-free, simple, professional, flawless, life changing experience to move you from where you are to where you want to be. Creating a way to come out the other side transformed, happy, relaxed … living and experiencing what you desire.

Connecting to the Invisible Magic, Manifesting Your Dreams is exactly that (and more!), and if any of what I just described resonates with you – then I created it for you.


Connecting to the Invisible Magic – Manifesting Your Dreams Workshop

The next workshop is Jan 20th, 2018 12:00 – 3:00PM @ Hidden Gem, 104-688 Granderson Rd. Langford, BC

The Amazing Workshop Includes

Hours of Training


Take Away Excercises

Day Follow up

Your Chance to Tap into The Magic for Only $39.95 Goes Away in:








What People Are Saying

“I have worked with many people, but I was never able to achieve the kind of results I have with you. Thank you!”


Graphic Designer

“Working with you has been a pleasure! Since starting working with you I have tripled my income and have found an amazing man!”



“You are great and I recommend you to everyone looking to make changes in their life!”


Social Media Manager

“Your 3-hour workshop gave me more than a 5-week program I paid $2000 for!


Newspaper editor

Still Have Questions?

Is it woowoo stuff?

No! What you learn are things you can use in everyday life. You will not and do not have to be into what you call ‘woowoo’ in order to use the tools I share with you.  They are techniques that have been studied and scientifically proven to work.

Can anybody learn them?

Yes they are simple yet effective tools any one can learn.  They do, however, only work if you actually use them.

Do I need to understand how the mind works to get this?

You will gain a basic understanding of how your mind works and what it is capable of.

Is there additional training available if I want to go deeper into this?

Yes.  I have both a coaching program and a certificate program.

How long will it take for me to master this?

The more you practice and the more you learn, the quicker you will master it. Some people pick it up quickly and some people take more time to get it. It depends on the work you have done and the point at which you are starting.

What can I expect after this workshop?

After the workshop you will have the basic tools to use to begin to transform your experience. You can expect, with practice, to get good at manifesting things into your life.

Your Chance to Tap into the Magic for Only $39.95 Goes Away in:








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